SkillBuilder Wins FinancesOnline LMS Software Awards

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In an arena as competitive as the LMS software market, young systems find it challenging to reach their targeted audience and reveal their true e-learning capacity. This is where expert recognition is most welcomed.

Overwhelmed by choices, businesses around the world turn to reputed platforms to make the right purchase decision and pick recommended systems rather than relying on guesswork.

This is why SkillBuilder® LMS dev team is so proud to announce its first FinancesOnline awards!

The well-known B2B software directory employs a team of experienced professionals to analyze and compare promising solutions and prepares detailed reviews for readers to understand what a particular app can do for them. This time, they decided for SkillBuilder® LMS, which not only got a great review, but was also given the 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award for best corporate LMS software.

The Great User Experience Award usually belongs to simplified, intuitive LMSs that come with in-time and knowledgeable support, while the Rising Star is reserved for original and innovative solutions, praised and recommended by their users despite of being recent arrivals on the market. As a reminder, SkillBuilder® LMS Version 4.0 was launched in 2016 with worldwide delivery, multilingual application and a user friendly interface.

Impressed by how SkillBuilder® solves common e-learning problems, experts also discussed it on their list of leading LMS software solutions for 2017.

As they explain, our system follows nothing but the latest international online learning standards, and applies effective job-evaluation methods that help companies unveil the full potential of their workforce.

Packed with advanced features such as white labeling, SCORM certification, beautiful course catalogues and eCommerce functions, SkillBuilder® is considered a smart alternative for businesses from all scales and industries.

risingstar-award skillbuilder-lms

Interested in learning more about SkillBuilder LMS? Start your free trial today.

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Marie Dufresne

Marie leads the Marketing Team for SkillBuilder. Very attentive to customers’ needs, she uses both customer insights and behaviour data to deliver the best customer experience, while building the SkillBuilder brand. As a French expatriate, she always likes to challenge herself. Outside of work she enjoys travelling, running, hiking and camping.

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