SkillBuilder® LMS: The Right Choice

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Whether you are considering upgrading your LMS, or are in the market for the first time, we hope you have found our “summer school” series informative. This week, we’re wrapping up with a closer look at SkillBuilder® LMS, and why it just might be the right LMS for you.

Do you need to deliver on-demand training anytime, anywhere? Maybe you want to explore opportunities to sell your courseware to a global marketplace? Or maybe you just want to motivate your employees to make time for training. Whatever your particular training challenge, the right LMS is integral to helping you meet your objectives. Why might SkillBuilder® LMS be that right LMS? Let’s find out!

SkillBuilder® LMS: The Right Choice

Starting Off Right

The search for an LMS can be an intensive process – exploring all your options and choosing the best fit means a substantial investment of both time and money. At BaseCorp, we understand that our commitment to your success doesn’t end when you choose our learning management system – in fact, it’s just beginning.

Our team has performed hundreds of implementations, so when you choose SkillBuilder® LMS, you are also choosing the experience of our implementation team. Our experts take a multi-point implementation approach, and will work with you to:

  • Complete a capability and functionality review
  • Complete your configuration
  • Set up Learning Items and Learning Paths
  • Assign learning to users
  • Complete administrator training
  • Complete integrations and data migrations
  • Complete a pilot project

The best way to ensure you are satisfied with your LMS decision is choosing a vendor that won’t be satisfied until you are.

Always There for You

SkillBuilder® LMS was recently voted one of the top 20 most user-friendly learning management systems. Even though we have tried to make our interface as intuitive as possible (for both learners and administrators), we understand that there are always going to be new questions that need answered. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our customers support when, how and where they need it most.

Not only do we offer assistance through email or by phone, SkillBuilder® LMS also comes with an extensive online help system that you can access depending on your role in the application. For example, a site administrator has access to every help article available, but a user will only have access to the articles related to their account, such as how to change passwords or access an exam.

Optimizing the Learning Experience

So, our implementation team can get you started on the right track, and once you’re up and running we respond quickly and effectively to any issues that arise. But what does SkillBuilder® LMS offer you when it comes to the actual learning experience?

We are always updating our LMS and adding new key features. With our latest version, you can:

  • Customize everything, from the logo and colours of the homepage to the signatures on the certificates of completion, to whether the interface is viewed in list form or graphically as tiles with pictures
  • Create various types of Learning Paths that include a variety of Learning Items such as online courses, downloadable documents, learning journals, videos, seminars, webinars, URLs, assignments, practice tests, online exams, external evaluations and on-the-job checklists – the options are endless, and allow you to mix and match the learning activities to match your learning/training vision and goals
  • Easily edit Learning Paths to include updated information, new online courses, updated evaluations, etc.
  • Offer gamification features, such as points, leaderboards and Open Badges, which motivate your learners to both start and complete their learning
  • Learn about Learning Path and Learning Item completions through reports on order and test item details, the latter allowing you to pinpoint bad test questions and continually improve training

What Else?

SkillBuilder® LMS is an ever-evolving application with, as we have just seen, a host of features to optimize the user experience. But we also take pride in offering:

  • An easily configurable storefront through which to sell your training offerings – SkillBuilder® LMS works just like Amazon! If you don’t want to sell your courses, SkillBuilder® LMS has a very simple assignment feature that allows you to assign learning to individual learners or groups of learners
  • A multilingual application that can be delivered in any language. We currently support English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, but feel free to contact us to ask about our language packages
  • An API Toolkit that allows you to connect another application to SkillBuilder® LMS and perform information operations such as:
      • creating new accounts in SkillBuilder® LMS based on person data in the other application
      • sending learning completion data back into the other application
  • Single sign-on options; support for SAML 2.0 and Open ID lets users log in with existing credentials
  • Flexible licensing options, meaning you can start small and add users to your subscription as needed. Billing is based on the number of users that are in the system, not by functionality, which means that everything offered in the application is available for you to use at no additional cost
  • Mobile learning and responsive design, allowing learners to use the application down to a cell phone, and administrators to have full functionality down to an iPad

At BaseCorp we recognize that people learn in different ways, and SkillBuilder® LMS allows for this flexibility. SkillBuilder® LMS supports all types of learning, including a blended approach, and you don’t even need an online module to get started – simply upload your existing manuals, reference guides, documents, etc. Online courses can be expensive to create, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start today and invest in online content at a later date.


Only you can decide which learning management system will best meet your organization’s needs, and help you achieve your own unique training goals. Through our summer school series, we have tried to go back to the basics of eLearning, and show the fundamentals of what you should keep in mind as you undertake your search.

And, in a way, that’s what we try to do at BaseCorp Learning Systems. Not only do we offer a user-friendly feature-rich LMS, but we back up that product with the fundamentals that can make all the difference.

Ready to see what SkillBuilder® LMS can do for you? Start a free trial today!

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