Measuring Training Effectiveness

This eBook will provide tips and suggestions on how to properly measure and optimize both the ROI and the overall effectiveness of your training program.

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  • How to implement an effective training program
  • How to look beyond common LMS metrics and find helpful learning data
  • How to ensure knowledge continues to transfer to on-the-job performance even after you have proven its ROI

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Calculating return on investment must begin before you introduce a training program into your organization. You need to evaluate a program’s effectiveness to know not only that learners are accessing learning in the most effective way, but that it is directly impacting the way learners do their jobs.

Shauna Carson, July 2017, retrieved from the eBook


This eBook will help you prove a training program’s worth to key stakeholders by giving you the tools you need to measure training effectiveness. Inside, you will learn more about:

Building an Effective Training Program

Formative and Summative Evaluations

The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Ongoing Assessment of Your Training Program

Tips on Improving ROI

How SkillBuilder® LMS Can Help Optimize ROI