Free LMS Implementation Coaching Services

Our quick and easy coaching session includes:

  • Configuring SkillBuilder® LMS to meet your organization’s requirements
  • Loading people into the system
  • Setting up some of the resources you use to train or evaluate learners, be they video, PDFs, PowerPoints, exams… you name it!

Our brief coaching session will get your free trial up and running, and allow you, your colleagues, and key decision-makers to see how SkillBuilder® LMS can make an immediate difference to your training.

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“You get buy-in because you can see it – what was said, what was written, what was demonstrated actually happens.” – Mary Benassi, Vice President Human Resources WesternZagros.

Meet our Implementation Specialists

We are your expert. With over 17 years of experience implementing learning management systems in a wide range of organizations, we can help you get up and running quickly and efficiently. And we can help you make sure that people use the system.

Ken Flesher, CEO at BaseCorp


My goal is to work with stakeholders to ensure a smooth LMS implementation through consulting, application of best practices and extensive LMS expertise.

Brenda Colombus, VP Operations at BaseCorp

Brenda Colombus

My goal is to work with you through a proactive and well-planned change initiative to ensure you achieve your learning goals and objectives.