Introducing Webinars, Learning Journals, and Refined Exam Question Feedback

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A recent update to SkillBuilder® LMS includes additions and improvements to our LMS features list which will help better serve both administrators and learners. We have just released webinars, learning journals, and enhanced the exam question capabilities.

SkillBuilder® LMS Features Update: October 2017

Introducing Webinars, Learning Journals, and Refined Exam Question Feedback

We all know by now that a key way to increase knowledge retention among learners is to keep the offered content fresh and engaging. Our new features are a great way to diversify your training program.

1. Webinars


Schedule a Webinar – SkillBuilder LMS

Webinars, that is, seminars that are conducted over the internet, are a great way to engage with your audience wherever and whenever works best for them.

SkillBuilder LMS has now added webinars to the list of exciting Learning Items already on offer as you build a Learning Path. There are two ways to bring this feature to your learners:

  • Upload a prerecorded webinar: Host your webinars (GoToMeeting, Skype, Google+ Hangouts, etc.) wherever you like, then upload the file to a Learning Path so that your learners may download and view the prerecorded webinar at their convenience
  • Schedule an upcoming webinar: Much like you would with an upcoming seminar, you can use SkillBuilder LMS to create an appointment for your learners. Build a Learning Item that includes the name of the webinar and a link to where it will be hosted, as well as the date and time. Once the webinar has been completed, you can save the file and upload it later so learners can review it whenever they like.

As an administrator, you can either enroll your learners into a webinar, or choose to enable self-registration.

2. Learning Journals


Preview Learning Journals Details – SkillBuilder LMS

Another new Learning Item now available is the learning journal. Learning journals allow learners to record their thoughts as they work through their Learning Path. The process is very simple:

  1. Simply create a template with questions or discussion items you would like your learners to consider as they complete their learning.
  2. Upload it as an editable PDF, a word document, or any format the learner can work with, and create a Learning Item.
  3. Learners can then download this template and save it to their own files, recording their thoughts and responses as they continue their learning.
  4. When the learner has finished their Learning Path, all they have to do is upload the completed form to complete the item.

Learning journals are personal to the learner, and will not be evaluated or graded. They are another great way to encourage your learners to think and reflect on their learning, and they give your learners a key reference to retain as part of their learning record.

3. Enhanced Exam Questions


Site Settings – Storefront – Tier Pricing

a. Multiple Correct Answers

Finally, SkillBuilder LMS has added an additional layer of sophistication to the exam question and feedback process.

When creating an exam, administrators could always include multiple choice questions, short/long answer questions requiring a written response and a file upload (e.g., essay question where learners leave the exam, write the essay and then upload it when they are done).

Now you may also add multiple choice questions that have multiple correct answers. This provides you with another option as you test your learners’ knowledge in an exam setting.

b. Feedback for each answer

As for our new feedback feature, as an administrator you have always had control over the level of detail learners are given for their exam results – whether they see what they got wrong, if the correct answer is revealed, etc. Now, you can go further and create feedback for each answer.

This feedback can be as generic or specific as you wish. Where learners choose the correct answer, you can provide information or reference material. Where they choose an incorrect answer, you can provide direction to where they may want to look in their training for more information that could help them find the correct answer.


All these new features are part of SkillBuilder®’s ongoing commitment to providing a rich learning experience to both users and administrators. Webinars, learning journals, and enhanced exam questions will help create a more engaging learning experience. Download our SkillBuilder functionality list to discover all the features included in our SaaS learning platform. You can also click here to start your 14-day free trial!

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