How to Implement the Best Learning Program – Intro

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At BaseCorp Learning Systems, we have a passion for all things learning, and especially for all things competency. We care about the history of learning theories and how those theories have evolved to define what competency means today. We care about the definition of competency and what that means in terms of current learning and evaluation programs. We work to research, educate and explain what is required to implement a successful learning program.

Through our practical experience and academic research, we strive to understand how training programs can truly incorporate some of the key tenets of a competency-based framework. We study best-practice learning program implementation processes. We understand the learning resource development activities and the technologies that are necessary to support a performance support system.

This blog will discuss key components of BaseCorp’s approach to implement of a comprehensive learning program.

How to Implement the Best Learning Program – Introduction

``Our mission here at BaseCorp is to help individuals increase their competency so that they in turn increase their value to their organization. Our story is competency! Individual competency. Organizational competency. The purpose of our organization is to help individuals become competent. Their competence in turn improves the quality of their lives and increases their opportunity for success.``

A Modern Learning Program

At BaseCorp, we continue to explore the science and history of learning theories. We identify how these theories have evolved to define what a good organizational learning program looks like today. We believe the evolution of learning theories informs all types of learning and that current best practices have a foundation in those theories.

By mapping past theories and understanding their contribution to current ideas, we can intelligently talk about the science behind implementing many types of learning programs.

Help People to Become Competent

We simply define competency as, “completing a task the right way, at the right time”. It becomes a simple yes or no. An individual is competent or not competent when performing a specified skill to a standard. And while the definition may seem simple, it is anything but simple to properly implement a competency-based performance support system or learning program.

We’ve done it, hundreds of times. We know what has worked and what hasn’t.

Comprehensive Learning Support

At BaseCorp, we understand that the goal of ensuring individuals are properly skilled influences how we support learning, evaluation and recognition of learners within a comprehensive learning program.

We work continuously to understand what works for learners, program developers and operators in a wide range of organizations.

We care about how the pursuit of competency influences our lives so that we can bring that understanding and knowledge to our conversation around best-in-class competency-based learning programs.

Learning Program Implementation Processes

Our expertise includes best-practice learning program implementation processes. In addition to learning resource development, and the technologies that support a competency-based learning program, there is a need for properly implemented learning programs in a wide variety of organizations.

The components of a professional learning program implementation are:

  • Mapping learning processes
  • Mapping competencies or skills
  • Communication
  • Program reviews

Learning Resource Development Activities

Interactive, engaging, appropriate, effective and cost-effective learning resources are critical for any learning program to be successful. Our experience developing learning resources and specified courseware will be shared — both our success and failures, and the reasons for both.

The processes that have worked for us when working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will also be discussed at length, as many custom learning resource projects require the support of SMEs.

Learning Technologies

In this day and age, very little happens without technology support. And this certainly is the case when implementing commercial learning programs. We will discuss:

    • Design tools and course development
    • eLearning
    • Process tracking tools and supporting apps of all kinds

These topics will be reviewed in the context of our experience. We will describe what we liked and what worked for the various environments we work in. With an ever-changing technical landscape, there is an endless amount of discussion required to better understand current learning support technologies.


This blog will focus on the processes of supporting the implementation of learning programs, large and small. It will discuss all types of development tools and supporting technologies such as Learning Management Systems, Learning Content Management Systems, course authoring tools and other supporting technologies (gamification, mobile learning, microlearning…).

Future topics will include the science behind the implementation of quality learning programs, and how to support competency in a wide range of organizations. We’ll help you deliver your customized program to generate the results you need.

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