How SkillBuilder® LMS Can Optimize Your Reporting

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According to the eLearning Guild’s Corporate Learning Management Systems 2016-2018 Report, the number one LMS feature prospective customers are looking for is reporting capability. Last week we looked at how the right reports can help you prove the value of your online training to your stakeholders, provide meaningful feedback to your developers, and improve the quality of your instructors. This article will discus how you can optimize reporting in SkillBuilder® LMS.

How SkillBuilder® LMS Can Optimize Your Reporting

Customize Reporting

Good analytics and reports will help you fully leverage the benefits of your LMS and ensure your training program is meeting the objectives and goals if your organization. SkillBuilder® LMS reporting functions can be customized to meet all of your reporting requirements and provide data on:

Downloads – What type of documents are of most interest to your learners? Are they taking full advantage of downloads and, if not, why not?

Online assessments – Customized performance reports on quizzes and final exams will tell you if there are knowledge gaps that are being missed in the training and tell you where your training content needs improvement.

Online certification completions – The SkillBuilder® LMS certification process can be automated to generate reports on learner certification and on learners who must recertify. The system can be configured to issue recertification alerts to learners whose certification is about to lapse and allow downloadable completion certificates.

Individual learner progress – Individualized learning paths allow learners to pursue their own objectives and content. Tracking progress on a learner-by-learner basis allows you to determine if learners are having issues with the material, the delivery method, or some other factor.

In addition to the customized reports mentioned above, SkillBuilder® LMS:

  • Exports data to your chosen program
  • Produces reports that are easy to read
  • Includes learning resources, with a support system that will help you gather exactly what you need from your reports

Let’s take a look at some of the specific reports you can run in SkillBuilder® LMS:

Learning Path Completion

SkillBuilder® LMS’s Learning Path Completion report is used to track learners’ progress as they complete a Learning Path. It lists:

  • Learner
  • Learner’s organization
  • Any groups the learner is a member of
  • Learning path
  • Assigned date
  • Activated date
  • Completed date
  • Expiry date
  • Learner’s status on the Learning Path

Not only can you run a report at the Learning Path (or course) level, but SkillBuilder® LMS also provides information on individual Learning Items. Consider that a path may be made up of several Learning Items, so the Learning Item Completion Report provides an extra layer of granularity in your reporting.

Test Item Details

SkillBuilder® LMS’s Test Item Details report is used to evaluate the reliability and validity of assessment questions. It provides specific information about each question on an exam, including:

  • The question
  • Each question’s unique ID
  • The question’s status
  • Correct and incorrect answers
  • Details about how the answers are displayed
  • The number and proportion of respondents who selected each answer option

eCommerce Reports

eCommerce reporting is used to track purchases and generate revenue reports. They can be used to answer questions like:

  • How much revenue did a learning program generate last month?
  • What proportion of our revenue comes from a given organization?
  • Which payment methods do customers prefer? Does it depend on their organization?
  • What discounts are being used?

Order Details

The Order Details report provides an overview of each order made in the LMS, including:

  • Order number
  • Paid date
  • Category
  • Band
  • Learning Path
  • Price
  • Discount
  • Subtotal

Order Summary

The Order Summary report contains much of the information from the Order Details report as well as:

  • Order type
  • Name of person making the order
  • Organization
  • Payment status
  • Payment method
  • Transaction ID
  • Discount amount

Optimizing Your SkillBuilder® LMS Reports

We’ve reviewed some of SkillBuilder® LMS’s standard reports, but do standardized reports always offer what’s best for your unique organization? SkillBuilder® LMS takes three approaches to optimizing reporting just for you.

1. Filtering and Sorting

SkillBuilder® LMS’s reports come with integrated filtering and sorting functionality. You can narrow down the options in almost any field to pinpoint the data that matters to you.

2. The Right Format

Reports can be viewed and printed from within the LMS. But if you’d rather crunch your data in another system, they can also be exported either directly to Excel or in the widely-recognized csv (comma separated values) format.

3. Introducing the Excel API

Beyond the reports that are currently available in the application (Learning Path Completion, Learning Item Completion, Order Details, Order Summary, and Test Item Details), SkillBuilder® LMS now integrates through our API Toolkit with the 2016 version of Excel, which allows you to pull various tables and run more robust reports. The point of the Excel API is to easily pull data from SkillBuilder® into Excel so that it can be further manipulated. Currently, the type of data you can pull is account information and completions. A completions report, for example, will give you completed date, expires date, path name, first name, last name, user ID and email address. You can then edit the data source settings and parameters to pull specific reports from that data (i.e., completions since Jan 1, 2018). This API is for individuals/organizations who are familiar Excel and the various parameters and formulas that can be used to manipulate data. What this means for you is that it’s now possible to harness the power of Excel 2016 to process SkillBuilder® LMS data.

To learn more about this option, schedule a demo today.


Whether you’re selling learning or training your own people, analysis is the key to making your learning programs pay. SkillBuilder® LMS enables effective analysis, providing several standard reports with methods for filtering and manipulating your data within the LMS. It also offers the opportunity to analyze your LMS data in programs designed for the purpose.

Ready to start crunching numbers? Find out what SkillBuilder® LMS can do for you – start your free trial today!

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