SkillBuilder® LMS Features Update: March 2017

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A recent update to SkillBuilder® LMS includes additions and improvements to our LMS features list which will help to better serve both administrators and learners; read on to discover how the latest improvements can benefit your organization.

SkillBuilder® LMS Features Update: March 2017

3 Improvements to Our LMS Features List That Bring More Value To Your Organization.

1. Gamification

New gamification features, now allow administrators to enable and configure points and tiers, to reward learners for their participation and make learning more fun and engaging. Learners can see their progression against their assigned learning using two systems:

1. Points: Administrators may now assign points to learning items in the Learning Item Creation Wizard, allowing learners to earn points upon their completion. Learners can also receive points for getting a perfect score in an online exam. Administrators may configure point values to best suit their needs, or enable and disable points received as necessary. The point value can be configured by going to Gamification > Point System, then clicking on Edit Points.

2. Tiers: Learners are placed in different tiers to represent the percentage of completion on their assigned learning. There are 6 tiers – Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. Administrators can configure the completion percentage required for each tier, as well as the grace period given to learners to complete any new learning without losing their tier status.

Every time a learner achieves anything from either the Point or Tier system, such as the completion of a learning item, acing an exam or moving up a tier, they will receive a “fanfare” notification of what they have achieved. To read more about their achievements, learners may click on the badge on their learning plan and view them under View History.


New gamification feature – Tier System

These gamification features make eLearning more engaging, enhance the eLearning experience, and increase the motivation of your learners. For more information on gamification, check out 7 Benefits of Gamification in eLearning.

2. Taxes

The new tax feature allows organization to set product tax by jurisdiction, allowing administrators to configure the kind of taxes included in any purchase from storefront. These taxes will be seen by the learner based on their country and region.

To configure taxes, administrators can add a Country, a Tax Label, and a Rate. For instance, if you choose Canada, you may label the type of tax as GST, Sales Tax, Tax, Taxes or VAT and assign the appropriate rate. This can be seen in Storefront > Taxes.

Whatever configuration you choose will appear to the learner on the checkout screen, as seen below.


New taxes feature – Taxes displayed on checkout

If the chosen country has region-specific taxes, administrators may label and assign values to these as well, and have the choice to either include this tax with country tax or include it as an additional line item on the checkout screen.

With this feature, administrators have the power to add a tax label and rate they wish to the checkout process, meaning organizations are better able to collect and track taxes.

3. Learning Record Store (LRS)

SkillBuilder® LMS now features a Learning Record Store that makes online lessons fully xAPI-compliant (also known as Tin Can) regardless of the eLearning program used. The Tin Can API is a new specification for learning technology that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of online and offline learning experiences.

xAPI (also known as TinCan) is an added layer to SCORM, with the ability to track learner progress offline. This new feature adds an extra layer of tracking, going beyond the basics to answer questions such as how long learners spend on different screens, and what they choose to do on screens as they progress through the course. Learner activities throughout a course are tracked, regardless of the platform on which the course is viewed.

The LRS can record different learning activities in an online lesson, such as experiencing different screens or elements on a screen, the points received in a question, the final score received in an exam, and the learner’s completion status for an online lesson.

For learners, this ensures that they can complete a course on any applicable device, whereas for administrators, this new feature means that they now have access to a more sophisticated level of data, and can better analyze their eLearning courses. It is now easier than ever to understand where a course is succeeding, and where changes could be made to enhance the learning experience.


Gamification, enhanced tax options and an improved learning resource store; all these are LMS features that ensure SkillBuilder® LMS stays ahead of marketplace trends and provides the best user experience both for learners and administrators. Not an LMS user yet? Start your free trial today!

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