Introducing Open Badges, Bambora Payment Option and, Learning Path Images

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A recent update to SkillBuilder® LMS includes additions and improvements to our LMS features list which will help better serve both administrators and learners. We have just released Open Badges, the Bambora Payment option, and Learning Path Images. We have also made it easier for learners or purchasers to requalify or repurchase a Learning Path. Finally, administrators can now create custom questions to ask new users when they self-register. 

SkillBuilder® LMS Features Update: June 2017

Introducing Open Badges, Bambora Payment Option, Learning Path Images & Administration Enhancements

1. Open Badges


Open Badges – BaseCorp Learning Systems Culture Open Badge

Open Badges are “verifiable, portable digital badges with embedded meta data about skills and achievements”. Open Badges can be earned from over 3,000 organizations across the world.

As a learner accumulates badges, they can share them across social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, and each badge contains data about the skills required to earn the badge as well as information about the issuing organization.

SkillBuilder® LMS now has Open Badges!

You can create, set up and align Open Badges with Learning Paths in SkillBuilder LMS.

When a learner completes a Learning Path associated with a badge, they can download the badge, post it to social media and/or upload it to their Backpack or Open Badge Passport. In SkillBuilder®, badges can be set up in all languages that the application supports.

2. Addition of Bambora as a Payment Option


Bambora – New payment option at checkout

If you sell Learning Paths from a catalogue, Bambora Payment Form is currently available as a payment method. You can now customize your storefront to allow purchasers to pay using PayPal, Moneris (Canada only), and/or Bambora, formerly Beanstream.

3. Add Images to Learning Paths


Learning Plan – learning paths with custom images

One new piece of functionality that we here at BaseCorp are really excited about is the ability to add images to Learning Paths. You can now upload custom images for each of your Learning Paths to enhance the look of your training programs within LMS. Images can be added by selecting a Learning Path, selecting Manage Path from the top menu bar and uploading a graphic. SkillBuilder® supports .jpg, .jpeg,. png, and .gif formats. Adding images to a Learning Path makes a training program more visually engaging for the learner.

4. Administration Enhancements

Two additional functionality pieces were rolled out. First, learners can now more easily requalify or repurchase a Learning Path depending on whether the path was assigned by the administrator or purchased by the learner. This piece of functionality is useful for compliance training programs as learners must recertify after a prescribed period of time in order to stay certified. With this new feature, learners can easily repurchase an expired course and complete its requirements.

Second, administrators can create custom registration questions to ask new customers when a new user self registers. This will allow administrators to gather additional data about their customers.


Open Badges, the ability to configure Bambora as a payment method, new Learning Path Images, and new administration functionality: all these are LMS features that ensure SkillBuilder® LMS stays ahead of marketplace trends and provides the best user experience for both learners and administrators. Download our SkillBuilder functionality list to discover all the features included in our SaaS learning platform. You can also click here to start your 14-day free trial!

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    Posted at 1:34 pm, June 22, 2017

    Great to see the support for Open Badges. Now if you support Open Pathways for your Learning Paths you’ll really be on to something.

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