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[eBook] Maximizing Your LMS Demo and Free Trial

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What’s your unique training challenge? Whatever your issue, a Learning Management System can be the solution you’re looking for, and demos and free trials can help you find the right one for you.

[eBook] Maximizing Your LMS Demo and Free Trial

Are you trying to:

  • Reduce in-class training costs?
  • Sell your courseware?
  • Reach a geographical dispersed audience?
  • Improve consistency in your training program?
  • Ensure consistent evaluation?

The right LMS can help you achieve all these things, but the search for that LMS can be its own challenge. Find out how demos and free trials can be the tools you need to find the right LMS!

Demos and free trials are powerful tools that can help you narrow down you search, and get the most out of the time you will invest in this search

Download this eBook to learn the secrets to:

Preparing for a demonstration

What three things should you know before you even schedule a demo?

Defining a demonstration

What type of presentation will work best for you?

Inviting the right participants to the demo

Which groups should have representatives in the room during the demo?

Managing a demonstration

What ground rules should you set? What’s the best way to keep the presenter on task?

Preparing for a free trial

What files should you have in hand to streamline your free trial?

Choosing the right free trial participants

Who will give you the feedback you need?

Building a vendor relationship

How can a free trial help ensure you choose the right vendor?

Download Now

Download it now! I look forward to your reviews and feedback.

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