[eBook] Creating an Effective RFP for Your LMS Project

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A succinct, well-written RFP will make the procurement process easier for both you and your vendors, and help you find the perfect LMS for your organization!

[eBook] Creating an Effective RFP for Your LMS Project

The LMS market is huge, and it’s easy to get distracted by the seemingly endless number of products on offer when you’re searching for a new or replacement Learning Management System.

It’s important you undertake a disciplined search to streamline the process for both you and your potential vendors, and ensure you are not wasting time or money.

How do you create an effective RFP to optimize your LMS search?

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Learn how to create a succinct, well-written RFP!

Chapter 1. Choosing Between an RFI and an RFP

An overview of the benefits of each document, and when you might choose to use one over the other.

Chapter 2. Gathering Your Requirements

An overview of the three steps you should take to properly define your requirements and become a qualified buyer.

Chapter 3. Organizing and Writing Your RFP

An examination of the seven sections commonly included in an RFP.

Chapter 4. Interacting with Vendors

A study of the steps you should take to ensure a positive and beneficial relationship with vendors before, during and after the RFP process.

Chapter 5. Tools and Templates

A listing of tools to help you build a successful RFP, including RFI and RFP templates and an RFP information document.

Download our Creating an Effective RFP eBook today! Take advantage of the customizable tools and templates we have developed to streamline your procurement process. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you have created a powerful, effective RFP!

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Sarah Flesher

Sarah is an Instructional Designer at BaseCorp Learning Systems and is currently completing a PhD in Educational Technology. Her research focuses on implementing competency-based learning systems in all types of organizations. When she doesn't have her nose in a book you can find her at the gym, on the ice, on the ski hill, drinking wine or in a coffee shop … with her nose in a book.

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