Easy Guide to Successful LMS Implementation – Introduction

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Your learning management system (LMS) is the foundation of your training program, and it can take you up to a year to choose the right one for your organization. A smooth LMS implementation honours this considerable investment of both time and money, and helps you avoid the pitfalls that can lead to inefficiency and a low return on investment (ROI).

[eBook] Easy Guide to Successful LMS Implementation – Introduction

Selecting a learning management system, or LMS, generally takes anywhere from 4-12 months, and can represent a huge investment of both time and money. Your LMS is the foundation of your training program, and the right LMS will help ensure your organization delivers, manages and reports on learning activities, and successfully achieves its goals and objectives.

Choosing the right LMS, however, is not in itself an assurance of success. A recent study found that 48% of organizations were looking for a new or different learning technology, with many organizations undergoing this process for their second, third, even fourth LMS. In many cases, the problems happen after you think the hard work has already been done – after the selection process, when it comes time to implement your chosen LMS.

Whether you are implementing a new LMS or migrating to a new learning platform, it’s critical to ensure you allocate the right resources to the process. Without proper planning, delivering meaningful learning experiences will be challenging.

So, how can you ensure your implementation is a success?

This eBook addresses such questions as:

  • Why do implementations fail?
  • Who should be on the implementation team?
  • How can a project plan help?
  • How should I handle integrations with existing systems?
  • What data should I migrate?
  • What can I do to personalize the LMS for my learners?
  • What should the testing process involve?
  • What should the ‘go live’ process look like?
  • How can I create content for the LMS?

Preview the Easy Guide to Successful LMS Implementation eBook

Learn how to make your learning management system implementation a success

This eBook will seek to ease the LMS implementation process within your organization providing tips and suggestions on how to successfully create an LMS implementation project plan. We’ll review:

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Why do LMS Implementations Fail?

An overview of the most common reasons LMS implementations fail, and what you can do to avoid these situations.

Chapter Three: Creating a Successful Implementation

An examination of the key steps you can follow in order to ensure your implementation runs smoothly.

Chapter Four: Designing Your Learning Materials

A study of the three most common options to choose from as you start building content for your LMS.

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