Introducing Dashboard, Leaderboards, and Tier pricing

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A recent update to SkillBuilder® LMS includes additions and improvements to our LMS features list which will help to better serve both administrators and learners. We have just released Dashboards, Leaderboards, and Tier Pricing.

SkillBuilder® LMS Features Update: April 2017

Introducing Dashboards, Leaderboards, and Tier pricing

1. Dashboards


My Dashboard – SkillBuilder LMS

SkillBuilder® LMS now has a dashboard!

When you log in, the dashboard lets you see and access key components of your learning program. Leaners can access their account details, notification and Help with new Quick Links. They will also see gamification results and a summary of their learning performance.

The dashboard ultimately provides learners with an overview of their learning! By clicking on these new links, learners are directed to the appropriate place in the application.

The dashboard feature is optional. If a learner wishes to bypass the Dashboard when they log in they can simply change the default preferences on their My Account page.

2. New Leaderboards


New leaderboard – Gamification

Gamification allows you to reward learners for their participation and make learning a little more fun.

In our last update, we introduced you to the Points and Tiers features:

  • Points allow learners to earn points by completing Learning Items and/or Acing Online Exams.
  • Tiers rank learners based on their completion percentage.

SkillBuilder® LMS now includes a Leaderboard. The Leaderboard shows learners how their performance ranks amongst their peers. Often, the very presence of a leaderboard can elicit the desire for users to participate. The simple goal of rising up the rankings serves as a powerful motivator for people to engage. Who doesn’t like to be at the top!

Using the new leaderboard feature, learners have access to their points; broken down into the points earned from completing a learning item as well as points earned from acing an online exam. Leaners will also see their points history and where they rank on the leaderboard.

These gamification features make eLearning more engaging, enhance the eLearning experience, and increase the motivation of your learners. For more information on gamification, check out 7 Benefits of Gamification in eLearning.

3. Tier Pricing


Site Settings – Storefront – Tier Pricing

Are you selling your learning programs? The new Tier Pricing feature allows administrators to configure unique price tiers for their SkillBuilder® LMS storefront. Tiers can be added to provide multiple pricing levels for individuals and/or organizations.

Tier pricing allows you to apply discounts based on various contexts: quantity ordered, member group, 50% off second purchase, etc. It can encourage your buyers to purchase additional learning items from your catalog.


The dashboard, new robust gamification options and tier pricing; all these are LMS features that ensure SkillBuilder® LMS stays ahead of marketplace trends and provides the best user experience for both learners and administrators. Download our SkillBuilder functionality list to discover all the features included in our SaaS learning platform. You can also click here to start your 14-day free trial!

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