[eBook] Six Ways to Leverage SkillBuilder® LMS

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The search for the right LMS can represent a huge investment of both time and money, so you want to ensure that the application you choose actually addresses the problems you are trying to solve. SkillBuilder® LMS seeks to support people worldwide through knowledge and skill, and we are confident that, no matter what your training challenge, we can help!

[eBook] Six Ways to Leverage SkillBuilder® LMS

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Download this eBook to read some real-life scenarios about different types of training challenges and learn how SkillBuilder® LMS can help:

Leverage Competency-Based Training

How can SkillBuilder® LMS help you organize your learning and evaluate learning in a meaningful way? Manage and track training?

Deliver Customized Training to Different Departments

How does SkillBuilder® LMS make adding and organizing learners, then assigning learning to specific groups, a snap?

Efficiently Onboard New Employees

How can SkillBuilder® LMS help avoid onboarding overload, recognize learning achievements and allow for customized learning?

Utilize your LMS as a Revenue Source

What SkillBuilder® LMS features can help you turn your learning program into a valuable source of revenue?

Seamlessly Integrate Your LMS with Existing Applications

How can SkillBuilder® LMS’s API Toolkit help streamline the LMS implementation process?

Ensure Learning is Accessible to Everyone

What have the SkillBuilder® LMS developers done to ensure the application is able to bring learning to every learner, regardless of their needs?

Download it now! I look forward to your feedback. And remember, when you are ready, be sure to visit our SkillBuilder® LMS website and start your free 14-day trial offer.

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Sarah Flesher

Sarah is an Instructional Designer at BaseCorp Learning Systems and is currently completing a PhD in Educational Technology. Her research focuses on implementing competency-based learning systems in all types of organizations. When she doesn't have her nose in a book you can find her at the gym, on the ice, on the ski hill, drinking wine or in a coffee shop … with her nose in a book.

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