[eBook] Learning Resource Development: The Basics

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Learning resources are the core of any eLearning program. If they don’t get the attention they need, your whole program could flop. This eBook will explore a few of the things you can do to ensure your eLearning really lands with your audience.

[eBook] Learning Resource Development: The Basics

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Download this eBook to learn what you should consider when developing eLearning courseware in order to ensure your learners are presented with enjoyable, accessible learning material.

We will look at:

How to create accessible content

If your eLearning is to be enjoyed, it first has to be accessed – by all your learners. There’s no excuse these days for designing inaccessible eLearning. Find out what you can do to ensure your courses meet accessibility standards for learners with vision loss, hearing loss, mobility issues and/or cognitive or learning differences.

How to choose the right voice and tone

The voice and tone of a course can have a large influence on how learners react to it. In eLearning, the voice is normally formal or conversational and the tone should be friendly. Discover what you should consider when selecting an appropriate voice for your course, and how you can incorporate humour.

How to incorporate meaningful graphics and video

Wall-of-text eLearning is seldom enjoyable or engaging. Meaningful visuals not only add interest, they can also be an integral part of the learning material. Learn about the most common types of graphics and videos used in eLearning, and some tips that can help you select the best of each for your course.

How to develop quality narration

Audio narration is a mainstay of eLearning that can also aid accessibility. But there are two sides to audio. As much as good narration enhances engagement, poorly-done audio turns off learners and makes the whole course appear cheap and unprofessional. Occasionally, clients insist on reading their own audio. The result is invariably a hesitant, monotonous, audio nightmare of “ums” and “ers”. Learn what you can do to avoid this in your own course!

Download our eBook now! I look forward to your feedback. And remember, when you are ready, be sure to visit our SkillBuilder® LMS website and start your free 14-day trial to see all that we have to offer.

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