[eBook] How to Measure Training Effectiveness – Introduction

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Organizations spend millions upon millions on training each year, and proving return on investment is a key way to justify your training budget and determine the effectiveness of your training. 

[eBook] How to Measure Training Effectiveness – Introduction

According to a recent Brandon Hall Group report, training is often one of the largest line items in an organization’s budget. With millions upon millions of training dollars spent each year, it’s no mystery why key stakeholders are keen to see what kind of return they are getting on this investment.

So, do you want to convince managers and executives that training is worth investing in?

There are many ways to measure return on investment, and although tools such as surveys and feedback forms are important, they don’t necessarily provide the data that stakeholders need, and they are not necessarily objective.

Preview the Measure Training Effectiveness eBook

Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your training!

This eBook explains how to determine the ROI and overall effectiveness of your training, providing tips and suggestions on how to measure and optimize these concepts by examining:

Chapter One: Building an Effective Training Program

An overview of the four steps that must be accomplished before a training program is introduced, to ensure it is effective.

Chapter Two: Formative and Summative Evaluations

An examination of two key evaluation methods used to measure the effectiveness of a training program.

Chapter Three: Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

A study of the four levels of evaluation developed by Kirkpatrick to objectively evaluate a learning initiative.

Chapter Four: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

An examination of the ways you may measure ROI, both when you can assign a monetary value to the learning initiative, and when the initiative is more of an intangible.

Chapter Five: Ongoing Assessment

A review of how you can measure the ongoing effectiveness of a training program, even after you have proven its ROI.

Chapter Six: Tips on Improving ROI

An overview of the methods you can use to maximize the ROI of your training program.

Chapter Seven: How SkillBuilder® LMS Can Help

An examination of how SkillBuilder® LMS can help you achieve the desired outcomes you’re your training program.

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