[eBook] Develop a Winning Learning Strategy

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A learning strategy should be the foundation of your training program. This eBook will take a look at how you can develop a winning learning strategy that will ensure your organization can meet its objectives, whatever they are.

[eBook] Develop a Winning Learning Strategy

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Download this eBook to learn the steps to develop your own learning strategy, as well as how to measure your training program’s effectiveness, and how SkillBuilder® LMS can help.

We will look at:

Developing a Learning Strategy

What steps do you need to keep in mind in order to create a learning strategy that will move your organization forward in the right direction? Learn more about concepts such as setting SMART goals, performing a needs analysis, and getting everyone in your organization on board with your plan.

Measuring Your Training

What should you do to ensure you are properly assessing your training program both as it currently is, and as your proposed changes take effect? Learn more about formative and summative evaluations.

Making SkillBuilder® LMS Part of Your Strategy

An LMS can’t replace a learning strategy, but it can be a valuable tool. Learn how SkillBuilder® LMS can help you create a winning learning strategy through easy integrations, full support for all types of learning and a customizable features list.

Download it now! I look forward to your feedback. And remember, when you are ready, be sure to visit our SkillBuilder® LMS website and start your free 14-day trial offer.

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