[eBook] Building a Business Case for eLearning – Introduction

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Learning and development professionals know that eLearning brings tremendous benefit to an organization. But it can sometimes be difficult to prove these benefits to decision-makers outside the L&D sector.

[eBook] Building a Business Case for eLearning – Introduction

According to the 2016 Training Industry Report, the top five types of intended training and product purchases were all eLearning-related, from learning management systems, to content development.

However, L&D teams are constantly battling other departments for budget space, and, as a rule of thumb, “training expenditures follow the economy. When the economy is booming, there’s lots of money for training. When the economy slumps, training expenditures are among the first cuts that businesses make.”

In a tough economy, it can be difficult to get key stakeholders and decision-makers on board with your eLearning plan. Often, numbers make the most persuasive argument, and that’s where building a business case can help.

So, how can you ensure you build a successful business case for eLearning?

This eBook addresses such questions as:

  • Why should your organization invest in eLearning?
  • How can you convince decision-makers that eLearning is a worthwhile investment?
  • How can you create a powerful business case for eLearning?
  • What costs go into calculating return on investment?
  • What can you do to most persuasively present your business case?
  • How can you ensure the business case meets the expectations of your decision-makers?

Preview the Building a Business Case for eLearning eBook

Learn how to write a persuasive eLearning business case!

This eBook will explain what a business case is, and how it can help you convince key decision-makers in your organization to fund your training program.

Chapter One: Why is eLearning Important?

An overview of the benefits eLearning can bring to your organization.

Chapter Two: What is a Business Case?

An overview of the components that make up a business case, as well as the steps you should take before beginning the process.

Chapter Three: Building a Business Case

An examination of a business case’s individual components, from Executive Summary to Closing Statement.

Chapter Four: Presenting a Business Case

A study of the steps you should take before, during and after your presentation to help ensure your success.

Chapter Five: What Decision-Makers are Looking For

An examination of the specific areas decision-makers will be looking at, and that you should ensure you address.

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