[eBook] A Complete Guide to Training Analysis

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Training is costly. When you consider investments in program development and learner time and effort along with the potential costs of failing to train learners in the skills they need, it’s easy to see why it’s so important to do it well. And we can help!

[eBook] A Complete Guide to Training Analysis

Are you trying to:

  • Fill performance gaps?
  • Define your learning goals?
  • Create effective and appealing training?
  • Improve an existing training program?
  • Measure the effectiveness of your training?

Download this eBook to learn about different types of analyses, including:

Needs Analysis

How can you best define the need, gather data, analyze that data and report back?

Needs Analysis Alternatives

What goal, learner and material analyses can you perform in place of a longer needs analysis?

Ongoing Analyses

What can you do to keep improving your project’s design and performance?

Training Program Analysis

What should you know about the five levels of the Kirkpatrick/Phillips Model?

Download it now! I look forward to your reviews and feedback.

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Jill W.

Jill is an Instructional Designer at BaseCorp Learning Systems with more than 10 years of experience researching, writing and designing effective learning materials. She is fascinated by the English language and enjoys the challenge of adapting her work for different audiences. After work, Jill continues to leverage her professional experience as she works toward the development of a training program for her cats. So far, success has not been apparent.

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