Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA)

BaseCorp did a great job! They were easy to work with. BaseCorp is definitely the kind of company you want to rely on when determining your own company?s education goals and programs. We would absolutely work with BaseCorp on future projects and would definitely recommend them as a partner.

Rick Cleveland

Director of Education and Accreditation at SCMA

SCMA innovates by providing a modern learning environment

Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) is Canada’s largest association for supply chain management professionals and serves approximately 8000 members. SCMA is the main source of professional development and accreditation in supply chain management in Canada. They have developed training and education programs ranging from the fundamentals of supply chain management to leadership skills.

Deliver an online program that mirrored the classroom environment

Looking for a learning solutions provider, SCMA wanted to deliver an online program that mirrored the classroom environment.

Their requirements for an LMS were unique as they wanted a platform that included discussion forums where students could interact with one another.

They also had specific evaluation requirements. The LMS needed to allow for students to upload their work so that a tutor could mark the assignments and provide feedback.

Strong reporting and private messaging capabilities were also at the top of their list.

Why BaseCorp?

SCMA decided to work with BaseCorp primarily because it was recommended by an affiliated association.

BaseCorp was familiar with who SCMA was as a company and understood what they needed as far as training materials for providing the right atmosphere for people learning across the country.

Improve and structure the eLearning content

At a national level, BaseCorp helped SCMA to data mine the content and develop storyboards to efficiently move current education material online. With BaseCorp?s assistance SCMA created a format that was extremely user-friendly.

“BaseCorp had dedicated resources who were very responsive in coming back to us with suggestions on how to improve our content and better structure our material.” says Rick Cleveland, Director of Education and Accreditation at SCMA.

Rebrand eLearning materials

At the time of implementation, SCMA was rebranding. BaseCorp was responsive and ensured that they had the right graphics, feel and consistency across their website and eLearning materials.

Guide the LMS implementation process

BaseCorp took on a project management role.

“They were responsive to our specific needs but also guided us through the process to ensure we got to the level we needed to be at.” says Rick Cleveland, Director of Education and Accreditation at SCMA.

BaseCorp set clear timelines and project commitment goals, and held regular status meetings. BaseCorp ensured content was being delivered in such a way that knowledge could be obtained.

They helped SCMA understand how to move content into their LMS as well as provided additional LMS training resources.