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Customer Successes: WesternZagros

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At BaseCorp, we take pride in the strong relationships we build with our customers. As developers of custom-built learning solutions and providers of world-class support of eLearning with our SkillBuilder® LMS, our interaction with our customers does not end when the final invoice is paid. It’s important to us that our customers are fully satisfied with all aspects of their experience.

Customer Successes: WesternZagros

In early 2015, we were approached by Mary Benassi of WesternZagros Resources Ltd. The company was preparing for further developments and production of oil and gas in the Kurdamir and Garmian blocks of Kurdistan. Their commitment to the Kurdistan Ministry of Natural Resources was to develop the National workforce with oil and gas industry knowledge, increase the National employees’ capabilities with the development of core competencies, and enable a sustainable local workforce for the future.

Our years of experience in developing competency-based workplace learning, and our expertise in providing best-in-class blended learning, made BaseCorp a perfect partner in this project.

The Challenge

WesternZagros’s Sarqala 1 oilfield is located in a remote region of Kurdistan where industry experience with locals is difficult to come by. The challenge for BaseCorp was to build knowledge, skills and competencies with a learning audience which had little or no oil and gas production skills and limited English language proficiency. We developed and wrote plain language learning content, created from technical documents and interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). To aid the learning and transfer of knowledge, we started at the beginning by documenting the flow of product from wellhead to plant gate.

A skill chart profile for WesternZagros’s oil and gas operations was developed, which detailed learning modules that identified all the required skills and competencies. The skills were grouped by operating areas and included general skills, such as basic English and math, health and safety practices and proper operation of production equipment.

These learning modules had to be profiled, the learning material developed, taught and, ultimately, evaluated against a standard of competency, all the while being learner-friendly, easy to use, and respectful of the national culture. A SkillBuilder® Learning Management System (LMS) had to be implemented locally in Kurdistan, with National personnel trained in its operation and data management. All of this had to be done under tight timelines with the expected result being a complete and sustainable competency-based training program.

The Roadblocks

  • English language challenges
  • Resource limitations (budget and available experienced personnel)
  • Technology restrictions
  • Time zone difference of over 10 hours

A project such as this presented some unique obstacles. However, BaseCorp was onsite and able to work with WesternZagros personnel. Our team listened to concerns and understood cultural nuances, as well as language and technology challenges. BaseCorp took all the necessary steps to work with the client to mitigate these obstacles through:

  • Effective on-boarding and orientation of local personnel
  • Formation of solid working relationships with SMEs, resulting in eager commitment
  • Provision of courses at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Time and budget-minded staff working efficiently to produce top quality blended learning content
  • Inventive and custom-made solutions to overcome on-site technological restrictions

The Solution

Our team presented WesternZagros with a detailed skill profile of every skill and task required to work at Sarqala 1 and into other operating blocks. Working with SMEs, Process and Instrumentation Documents (P&IDs) and existing training documentation, BaseCorp’s team of instructional designers, graphic artists and developers created the training content required.

At Sarqala 1, we installed and implemented SkillBuilder® LMS, trained the administrators in its use, and continue to provide ongoing support. In addition, we ensured WesternZagros was kept up-to-date with new versions of SkillBuilder®, and they have successfully adopted and leveraged new features as they have been introduced.

The Results

WesternZagros continues to be happy with their decision to work with BaseCorp. Partnering with BaseCorp has allowed them to deliver the capabilities and competencies within the National workforce, as required by the Kurdish Ministry of Natural Resources. BaseCorp’s work not only provided WesternZagros increased skills, but also provided local Kurdish workers with new opportunities and sustainable employment for the future.

Working with BaseCorp’s experienced staff will give you the resources you need to reassure not only yourself, but also your stakeholders, that a complex eLearning project can be built on time and on budget.


At BaseCorp, we work with non-profit associations, government agencies and private sector organizations of all sizes. Every customer has its own unique challenges and roadblocks, and we pride ourselves in understanding each environment, and recognizing and respecting the needs of each individual organization in order to effectively partner with them.

Contact our team members with your questions or concerns. We encourage you to take advantage of a free demo and become more familiar with what SkillBuilder® LMS can do, check out our resources, or start a free trial to experience SkillBuilder® for yourself.

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