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Customer Successes: MEDEC

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At BaseCorp, we take pride in the strong relationships we build with our customers. As developers of custom-built learning solutions and providers of world-class support of eLearning with our SkillBuilder® LMS, our interaction with our customers does not end when the final invoice is paid. It’s important to us that our customers are fully satisfied with all aspects of their experience.

We recently spoke with Debbie Gates, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO at MEDEC, the national association representing Canada’s innovative medical technology industry. We wanted to find out why her organization chose to work with BaseCorp, and how our team helped ensure the success of her course implementation.

Customer Successes: MEDEC

The Challenge

MEDEC’s primary goal was to take their Code of Conduct training program, which was previously offered by a third-party organization, and deliver it in-house. This move would allow them to both easily make content changes and benefit financially from the delivery of the course. By offering the Code of Conduct course, MEDEC hoped to encourage members who don’t have their own Code of Conduct to adopt the MEDEC code and complete their training.

The Roadblocks

While they had the content, MEDEC lacked the time, resources and expertise to build a program on their own. They knew it was time to source a potential partner who could offer advice on how to format their program and provide options for delivery.

The Decision

The BaseCorp team listened to MEDEC’s concerns, assessed their needs, and came up with a plan that would allow them to effectively develop and implement their Code of Conduct training program. True to their word, BaseCorp had the program set up and running within a couple of months.

“The BaseCorp team answers our questions immediately, within 24 hours or less,” said Gates.

The Solution

In order to highlight the financial opportunities of online learning, and give MEDEC a better idea of the opportunities and issues related to the online delivery of course content, BaseCorp suggested that MEDEC conduct a small pilot program.

Within this pilot, BaseCorp used the materials from an already developed course on MEDEC’s Code of Conduct to deliver a unique and engaging online course. Using SkillBuilder® LMS, MEDEC created a unique Learning Path that included a number of Learning Items:

  • Documents for learners to download, including MEDEC’s Code of Conduct
  • An online course that describes the sections of the Code
  • An online evaluation that tests learners’ understanding of the Learning Path materials

Because SkillBuilder® LMS supports various types of learning, MEDEC was able to upload their current materials without having to heavily invest in additional learning resource development costs.

The Results

MEDEC continues to be happy with their decision to work with BaseCorp and they especially appreciate the fast response time when an issue arises.

SkillBuilder® LMS has helped deliver the MEDEC training program to a wider audience. Not only does this application represent the MEDEC brand, it’s also easy to use from both a learning and an administrative perspective. The catalog, including discount codes, was also easy to set up and maintain.

Although the program is in its early stages, MEDEC is optimistic that members will continue to access it as a useful resource. SkillBuilder® LMS is an application that will be able to grow with their organization as they create additional training and provide information to their member base.


At BaseCorp, we work with non-profit associations, government agencies and private sector organizations of all sizes. Every customer has its own unique challenges and roadblocks, and we pride ourselves in understanding each environment, and recognizing and respecting the needs of each individual organization in order to effectively partner with them.

Contact our team members with your questions or concerns. We encourage you to take advantage of a free demo and become more familiar with what SkillBuilder® LMS can do, check out our resources, or start a free trial to experience SkillBuilder® for yourself.

At BaseCorp, we are passionate about helping you find the right solution for you. Knowing we are only as successful as our least happy customer is what motivates us to bring our very best to every project.

Want to find out more? Sign up for a demo, start a free trial or take a free course today!

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