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Customer Successes: AARA

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We recently spoke with Pamela Wilson, Special Assistant to the Executive Committee from the Association of Alberta Registry Agents about why her organization chose to work with BaseCorp, and how our team helped ensure the success of their learning program and LMS implementation.

Customer Successes: AARA

AARA represents over 200 independently owned registry agents who employ over 1,500 people in communities throughout Alberta. These agents deliver over 200 government services to Albertans, ranging from land titles and vital statistics to motor vehicle services. AARA was incorporated in 1996, and is a voluntary association, though all eligible registries are members.

AARA’s focus is on improving the industry through advocacy, training and education.

The Challenge

Prior to partnering with BaseCorp, all AARA training was provided during a one-day annual convention; though this training was valuable, it wasn’t easily transferable to day-to-day operations, and didn’t always address the burning issues that were occurring at the front counters.

At the same time, Service Alberta was trying to support the entire industry through twice-yearly training sessions held in Calgary and Edmonton classrooms, but registry agents were asking for a solution that was more easily adaptable to changing regulations and accessible for communities outside these major centres.

The Solution

BaseCorp appeared on Pamela’s radar through her work with the Petroleum Accountants Society, where BaseCorp was implementing a comprehensive online learning program similar to what AARA was looking to build. BaseCorp was instrumental in helping AARA figure out what resources they needed to bring to the table for this project to be successful and collaborated with AARA to develop a responsive online training program (complete with flexible payment options and in-depth tracking) while ensuring the project adhered to budget and timeline expectations.

“[online training] is easily adaptable so that when things like policy changes… it’s not that difficult to update the training so that it’s current.”

In addition, BaseCorp’s expertise helped make certain initiatives, like AARA’s quick study course, a reality. This course, which gave new hires core foundation skills that could be built upon later and allowed them to start working at the front counter doing pay transaction tasks, has been extremely popular with registry owners.

In completing various courses with AARA, BaseCorp’s expertise in adult learning was invaluable; AARA had the knowledge and industry expertise but didn’t know how to deliver training that would be valuable to their membership. When creating the online training program, BaseCorp worked through a standardized process (data mining, subject matter expert interviews, storyboard writing, through to delivering and managing the learning in an online environment), which ensured the successful completion and delivery of online learning every time.

The Benefits

What did BaseCorp bring to the table?

  • Excellent collaboration: Once a project plan is in place, BaseCorp has an amazing ability to analyze that plan and provide customers with an estimated budget and timeline. Working with AARA, BaseCorp always met their deadlines and everyone came to meetings prepared and ready to constructively discuss any issues.
  • A rich working environment: BaseCorp sees what other organizations are doing that could be transferable to other customers and are quick to share lessons learned.
  • Strong instructional design skillset: BaseCorp’s instructional designers are exceptional at working with SMEs to develop targeted learning objectives, curriculum, and online learning that demonstrate an ROI upon delivery.

The Results

BaseCorp has a strong ongoing relationship with AARA. There are currently approximately 2,000 course completions on record, and while registry agent enrollment remains reasonably level, there has been a recent uptake in students coming from outside the industry, as AARA is getting better known in the community for delivering these courses. Giving the AARA the opportunity to market and sell their courses to similar industries has been invaluable.

“The great thing about BaseCorp is that now they understand our industry and are continuously looking for other ways to support the industry and our training needs.”


At BaseCorp, we work with non-profit associations, government agencies and private sector organizations of all sizes. Every customer has its own unique challenges and roadblocks, and we pride ourselves on looking at the big picture.

Contact our team members with your questions or concerns, take advantage of a free demo to become more familiar with what SkillBuilder® LMS can do, and/or download our resources to optimize your search for the right LMS. At BaseCorp, we are passionate about helping you find the right solution for you, and we provide the tools to make this happen.

BaseCorp’s flexibility and agility give us our competitive advantage; the knowledge that we are only as successful as our least happy customer is what motivates us to bring our best to every project.

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