Storefront 2.0 Announcement – Phase 1 – Catalog Enhancement

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Base Corp has completed the initial stage of our StoreFront 2.0 project, which will be rolling out on April 28th, 2021!

The primary goal of the initial stage of development is to enhance the look and feel of the main body of the catalog. We have also repositioned some menu items for clarity and provided a catalog and category picture carousel to add some excitement to the SkillBuilder® LMS Catalog. Let’s take a closer look at the planned enhancements!

Storefront 2.0 – Phase 1 – Catalog Enhancement

1. Menu Updates

This improvement follows current web application standards and simplifies the look and feel of the SkillBuilder® LMS Menus. All users, when logged in, will see a menu on the left side of the screen with the top portion supporting the learner, the second portion supporting the Site Admins and other roles that have been assigned. The bottom portion of the menu is available to the Super Admin exclusively. Users will see the functionality that their assigned role permits. The top right user menu has been simplified and other page top menu items have been repositioned to reduce the clutter at the top of the page.

2. Two New Bottom Page Banners: a Customer Editable Banner and the Base Corp Banner

These two banners were provided to remove items from the top of the page and to provide customer links. The Customer bottom banner has four columns; the outer two columns are customizable and the inner two columns provide site links based on how SkillBuilder® LMS is set up and HELP links.

The Base Corp bottom banner provides additional information and functionality to meet the current European privacy (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) requirements and the impending Canadian privacy (Canada’s Consumer Privacy Protection Act – CPPA) requirements. There is also a link to the SkillBuilder® LMS Terms of Service.

3. Catalog Course/Product Picture Enhancement

The course/product pictures are larger and simplified, with additional information (i.e., pricing, discounts, descriptions) available on the secondary level when the tiles are clicked. This improvement allows SkillBuilder® LMS customers to provide a more colorful and interesting look and feel to the main body and banners of the Catalog.

4. Catalog and Category Carousel

The main Catalog and each of the Category pages, when enabled, have their own multi-slide carousel. The carousel provides thematic information from a highlighted perspective. Each slide in the carousel has a background graphic or animated GIF, a product graphic, a text component and/or the ability to link to a specified URL.

5. Learner Catalog Access

Certain organizations can benefit from the ability to provide a course/product catalog when StoreFront is disabled. This allows logged in learners to select items from the catalog for their Learning Plan at no cost.

6. Learning Plan Tiles

With the current graphical enhancement to the Catalog, the Learning Plan tiles have also been designed to match with a similar look and feel. This was done to ensure consistency throughout the application.

For more information on these exciting updates (or anything else!), please contact SkillBuilder® LMS today.

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