Release Notes – November 6

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New Functionality

  • New enabled/disabled search feature added to the schedule seminar page. Administrators can now hide disabled sessions from the list of scheduled seminars. Also note that we cleaned up the search filters (status filter, reorder columns and hide language filter if only one language confirmed in the site) and search results table on the schedule seminar page.

Performance Enhancements

  • Updates to the admin menu view. Initially, all submenus were visible when a piece of functionality was turned on or off under Site Settings. Submenus are now hidden unless clicked on, improving the look and feel of the site.
  • All user notifications are now sent instantaneously; some notifications previously had a 5-10 minute delay.
  • Admin/set up improvements for tenants using custom certificates.

Bug Fixes

  • Adding registrants to Seminars. Rather than having a drop down list of the learners that can be added to a scheduled seminar, which was timing out if too many recorders were being fetched, administrators can now search for registrants using First Name and Last Name.
  • Learning records store (LRS) completion bug fixed.
  • Learner and group assignment bug fixed.

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