Release Notes – November 26

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New Functionality

  • New enabled/disabled search feature added to the schedule webinar pages. Administrators can now hide disabled sessions from the list of scheduled webinars. Also note that we cleaned up the search filters (status filter, reorder columns and hide language filter if only one language confirmed in the site) and search results table on the schedule webinar pages.
  • Completions API now pulls UserName.
  • New multilingual stamps were created for Custom Certificates.

Performance Enhancements

  • Search Facilitator name on the Schedule Seminar and Schedule Webinar pages appears quicker.
  • Path to Group Assignment process sped up. The assignment saves instantaneously and is put in a queue to be processed by the server and added to the Learning Plans of learners who are in the Group associated with the assignment rule.

Bug Fixes

  • Online Exam search filters have been fixed. The filters for Practical Evaluations, External Qualifications and Online Exams have now also been standardized. Filters default to empty and administrators can search by First Name / Last Name.
  • Seminar and webinar print class list reformatted.

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