Release Notes – December 2

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New Functionality

  • Custom Certificates:
    • When editing a Learning Path, an administrator can change the certificate for the version and localization
      Note: Future PBI – manage certificate uploads and preview instantly
    • If a Path has a custom certificate associated with it and a new version of a Learning Path is created, the certificate will be copied over to the new path

Performance Enhancements

  • Bulk Add Accounts:
    • When bulk adding accounts, Site Administrators will no longer receive the “Account Created” notification
    • Learners will no longer receive “Path assigned” emails
    • The assign group rule will occur after all required accounts are completed
    • Account Created notifications/emails will be sent during the 10-minute web job
      Note: Add Individual Accounts will still send all notifications/emails
  • Assign Path to Large Group:
    • This was slowing the performance of the application over time; this function is now much faster
  • Assign Path to Learning Wizard – Choose Learners:
    • For tenants with a large number of accounts, it was taking too long to select a learner when assigning a Learning Path. To improve this and speed up performance, administrators will now be able to search for learner using FirstName and LastName. If nothing is entered, zero results will populate

Bug Fixes

  • Purchased Learning Paths were not showing up correctly on leaner’s Learning Plans – this is now fixed.
  • Redeem Code functionality was not putting gifted Learning Paths on learners’ Learning Plans – this is now fixed.
  • Rewrote code for Assign Missing Paths to Learning so that duplicate assignments do not appear in Learning Path and Learning Item completion reports.

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