Release Notes – August 26

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API toolkit Performance Upgrades

  • API Toolkit – switched to Postman documentation
  • Added additional end points including parameter limits and offset – note that 100 records are fetched if a limit/offset is not included and only a max of 100 records can be fetched
  • Cleaned up the code, whereby the Completions API was missing the “Z” in the time portion of the CompletedDate and ExpiresDate fields

Bug Fixes/TD

  • Schedule seminar and webinar start and end time bug fixed; times are now reflected in local time instead of being converted to UTC
  • Path to Learner Assignments list converted to stored procedures – changed the data retrieval form Entry Framework to Stored Procedures
  • View Lesson button when creating/editing a Learning Item was fixed

General Performance Upgrades

  • Merged public API into web project, which now simplifies our rollouts, site warm up should be faster with only 1 application, and further improvements to the API Toolkit

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