How to Boost Your Training Program Sales

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In recent years, the entire shopping experience has evolved. Today’s customers are looking for increased value through a more personalized shopping experience. To grow their online business, stores are adapting to these new expectations. Selling eLearning content is no different. Let’s take a look at six ways you can make the most out of your online training program. .

How to Boost Your Training Program Sales

1. Understand your customer’s needs

If you want to sell courses, you need to change the way you think about learners. Start to think about online learners as online customers. If learners don’t see the value of your training programs, why should they buy them?

The purpose of learning is to help people to acquire skills and knowledge to perform better. We need to inspire people to improve their job performance by building courses relevant to their needs.

Consider providing engaging content that is relevant to the learning objectives. Identify the key topics the learners need to focus on in order to meet their goals. And be creative! The more engaging your courses are, the more likely learners will rely on you for further education.

2. Consider people-focused marketing

When you think about your online marketing strategy, think first about people. Where do they look for information? What devices do they use? Which influencers do they rely on?

You really need to understand the entire customer journey in order to deliver a meaningful learning experience. If you’re considering ads, choose non-intrusive ads, as suggested in the Why People Block Ads study, by Hubspot and Adblock Plus.

Customers rely more on people than on product descriptions. Besides traditional ads, consider asking for feedback and reviews. User reviews are valuable because they increase conversions. Show what others are buying to guide new customers through their purchase.

3. Utilize customer reviews

According to e-Consultancy, 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. Thus, customers are more likely to make a purchase on a website that has customer reviews, and so, in order to be successful, you need to attract those reviews.

In order to motivate the happiest learners to advocate for you, consider developing a loyalty program. Show other learners that your learning can be trusted. Feedback you receive from loyal learners will help you improve your products and services. Value the feedback you receive from your customers.

If you start selling your courses, think about adding a blog to your website. Deliver valuable content to your audience and share changes, updates and tips to leverage your brand.

4. Develop an intuitive catalog

Allow learners to choose their own learning path from a catalog. This provides the flexibility and agility customers are looking for.

Throughout your catalog, consider providing rich, engaging content and description. Learners shouldn’t have to figure out how to read your content. From product description to reviews, deliver a unified experience by presenting information in a consistent way.

The more detailed and content-relevant your descriptions are, the better. You want learners to be excited about learning.

5. Personalize your content

According to the Nielson Global Connected Commerce Report, personalization can have a big impact on your company, including increased conversion rates, lead generation and e-commerce revenues.

Personalization is also highly appreciated in online learning. Learners want to be recognized. This can include a reminder of your purchase history, or course and learning path recommendations.  You can also provide a customized learning path that empowers your learners.

Consider rewarding regular learners by sending them coupons or discounts with limited availability to create a sense of urgency.

6. Embrace mobile learning

Customers browsing across multiple devices are more likely to buy on mobile. In fact, mobile commerce will grow faster than e-commerce in 2017. Similarly, learners should be able to shop from their mobile phone using your e-commerce platform.

2016 is also the year of mobile learning. So make sure all your online courses are mobile friendly to ensure the best user experience. Responsive design in eLearning can offer you a competitive advantage, especially if you choose an LMS that has all the mobile learning features that you need.


We’ve highlighted 5 ways to boost your training program sales. So what’s next? You need a platform for publishing and selling your online courses. Using SkillBuilder LMS works perfectly. With Skillbuilder’s built-in e-Commerce feature, you can sell courses online with your SkillBuilder Learning Management System.

Looking for advice on how to sell your eLearning using eCommerce? Read the article Using eCommerce to Sell Your eLearning Products to get tips for choosing the right eCommerce platform to sell your eLearning courses.

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