Tina Saramaga

Tina uses her Graphic Communications certificate from NAIT in her role as our Graphic Designer/eLearning Developer, where she works collaboratively with BaseCorp staff and clients to design appealing and useful graphics and animations. Tina assists in the development of learning resource materials that are functional, intuitive, and simple while being visually pleasing and informative, and is responsible for creating the visual design of posters, business cards, labels for DVD/CD-ROMs and videos, handouts, supplemental teaching materials, and cover art for brochures, flyers, or books.

Tina used to ride a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle and loves creating space and ocean themed artwork (she has even had her artwork featured on NASA’s social media and online art gallery!). She has been married for over 20 years, and she and her husband are proud parents to their bratty calico cat, Lexi.