Jasmin Voravongsa

Jasmin has been a part of BaseCorp’s online Childcare Orientation Course team since April 2013. With her Bachelor of Education, Child Development Supervisor and Adult Education Certificates, as well as 11 years of childcare management and instructor support experience, Jasmin is currently the Program Manager and Lead Instructor of the Childcare Orientation Course – Alberta and the Program Coordinator for the Orientation for Staff Working in Licensed Child Care Facilities – Nova Scotia. What does this mean for Jasmin day to day? Well, she’s responsible for the general front-end management of both programs, and routinely communicates with Alberta and Nova Scotia on all aspects of the programs.

Jasmin is known as Mrs. Santa in the office as she brings the Christmas cheer as early as September! She also enjoys singing with her “Snowy Gaga” band together with Danilo as the guitarist.