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About LMS Provider

BaseCorp Learning Systems. Implementing Learning Solutions Since 2001

About LMS Provider

BaseCorp Learning Systems is a full service learning and development provider. Our mission is to help individuals become competent in order to bring better value to their organization. Since 2001, our learning management software, SkillBuilder, has supported 600,000 users on 4 continents and delivered over 1 million courses. We are not industry or size focused; we support every type of organization. Our team of project managers, software developers, designers, support staff, instructional designers and technical writers will help you solve your training needs.

We Support All of Your Training Requirements

Cloud-Based LMS Implementation

Implementing SkillBuilder, a cloud-based learning management system, ensures a fast deployment, lower costs and increased return on investment (ROI).

Course Development

Team up with our instructional designers and our expert course developers to build interactive, engaging courses and effective evaluations.

Learning Program Consulting

Get advice from our experts to determine what types of learning resources and technologies would best support your environment.

Management team

President and CEO
Ken Flesher

Ken is responsible for the general operations of BaseCorp. With over 25 years of expertise in competency-based technology, Ken has worked with companies to develop and implement best-in-class learning solutions. After hours, he enjoys flying high performance aircraft. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and their four children.

Brenda Colombus

Brenda Colombus brings over 15 years of experience in learning system implementation, project management and senior leadership. She oversees all key operational departments at BaseCorp. After work, you'll likely find her at home with her husband and two dogs. When the weather cooperates, she enjoys spending time at the lake.

Head of Customer Service
Julie Drewniak

Julie oversees customer success and support for SkillBuilder. As a Quality Assurance Professional, she is responsible for our development process, which includes design, production and testing. Always in a great mood, Julie is our Chief Fun Officer. When she isn't hard at work, you can find her hopping around with her bunny Boris or watching UFC.

Web Marketing Specialist
Marie Dufresne

Marie leads the Marketing Team for SkillBuilder. Very attentive to customers' needs, she uses both customer insights and behavior data to deliver the best customer experience while building the SkillBuilder brand. As a French expatriate, she always likes to challenge herself. Outside of work she enjoys travelling, running, hiking and camping.

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